Our priority is to be transparent through full collaboration and hands-on involvement with both the project and owner/client from initial concept and pre-construction, all the way through to project completion. To ensure value and project success, true transparency is the foundation of all we do. 



  • Review program and develop schedule, design team and construction budget
  • Review design documents and provide cost evaluations with alternative materials
  • Update and refine estimates through the design process and assist owner in consultant selections
  • Review design documents and assist design team in development of bid specifications
  • Initialize and conduct the bid process, prepare contracts and obtain permits


Contegrity Group acts as an extension of your staff with close attention to every detail. By utilizing our expertise, an expert will be acting on your behalf.



  • Administration of contracts, validate and process certificates of insurance and pay requests
  • Cash flow forecasting, accounting records and procedures
  • Review and process shop drawings, product data and samples
  • Conduct jobsite meetings, daily process logs and update budgets
  • Coordinate and handle all change orders, closeout documents, warranties, manuals, drawings and extra stock


Contegrity Group communicates clearly and openly throughout the project with the entire design team, saving time and money and keeping your project within scope and budget.



  • Coordinate all corrective work during warranty period
  • Arrange and manage an eleven month walkthrough with owner and architect
  • Maintain accessibility to the owner through warranty period and beyond


Contegrity Group will continue to keep in communication with owner/client after project completion through warranty phase, month walk through and beyond.